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Below you can choose between a complete list of Petrus' original releases between 1978 and 1985 or a list of all known compilations between 1980 and 2009.

All licensed artists on the labels of Goody music and Renaissance like Elvin Shaad and M like moon, where Petrus only is mentioned as executive producer (sometimes not at all) and with the absence of his core musicians, are excluded below. In reality Petrus had only contributed financially on that kind of work and had little or no impact on the music it self. Midnight gang are despite these restrictions mentioned due to fact that Malavasi did play a few instruments on that album.

Note that Petrus in most cases wasn't the actual producer, even though he credited himself in that way on all the albums. The creation of the music was something that Malavasi, Romani and a few others took care of. Petrus role was instead a visionary and the man that set the musical guidelines.

All original albums and compilations features a full track list, full credit list and various amount of samples in 128 kpb Mp3 format.

The material is presented in chronological order and in alphabetic order within each year.

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