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I'm glad that you found this place and I hope you'll enjoy the amazing music and history from a time when all that Jacques Fred Petrus', Mauro Malavasi and Davide Romani and the rest of the incredible staff touched went gold.

Here you'll find a brief introduction to the site and contact-, technical- and general information. is a long-term project presented on the web about the music producer Jacques Fred Petrus' life and music. The reason to write about him is simple; he was for sure one of the most talented and important musical businessmen in the Disco/R&B music genre in the late 70s to mid 80s.

The ambition is to give an as accurate biography about his life and productions as possible in the light of his work as the executive producer of Goody music productions and later Little Macho. All the work is based on scientific methods and a common critical look on sources. As no such biography ever been written before as presented here, the work is in many ways a pioneers work.

English and Italian

All articles are written in English. A few articles however are also available in Italian. When such articles are available an Italian flag will indicate the access. My intention is to present as much in Italian as possible.


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