Change - Sharing your love 1982

Side one

1. The very best in you (5:41) (By Herb Smith & Mauro Malavasi) [Sample]

2. Hard times (it's gonna be alright) (5:23) (By Mauro Malavasi, Davide Romani, Alfonso Thornton & Fred Petrus) [Sample]

3. Oh what a night (5:23) (By Robert Gaudio & Judy M. Parker)

4. Promise your love (4:27) (By Mauro Malavasi & Alfonso Thornton)

5. Everything and more (4:23) (By Len Boone & Larry Lafalce)

Side two

6. Sharing your love (6:03) (By James Robinson)

7. Take you to heaven* (5:26) (By Davide Romani & Johnny Kemp) [Sample]

8. Keep on it (5:36) (By Kae Williams)

9. You're my number (4:21) (By Leroy Burgess, Sonny Davenport & James Calloway)

10. You're my girl (4:08) (By Mauro Malavasi, Davide Romani & Alfonso Thornton)

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus & Mauro Malavasi
Executive producer: Jacques Fred Petrus for little macho music


James Robinson: Lead vocals
Deborah Cooper: Lead vocals
Timmy Allen: Bass
Mike Campell: Guitar
Vince Henry: Sax & Guitar
Jeff Bova: Keyboards
Rick Gallwey: Percussion


Keyboards: Mauro Malavasi, Kashif, Kae Williams, Andy Schwartz, Davide Romani, Barry Eastmond, Adam Ippolito
Bass guitar: Davide Romani, Timmy Allen
Drums: Yogi Horton, Buddy Williams, Terry Silverlight
Guitars: Hiram Bullock, Ira Siegel, Mike Cambell, Herb Smith, James Robinson, Fareed Abdul Haqq, Kevin Robinson
Percussion: Rick Gallwey, Jimmy Maelen
Saxophone: Vincent Henry, Dave Tofani, Rudy Trevisi
Trumpets: Randy Brecker (courtesy Arista records), Jon Faddis
Lead vocals: James "Crab" Robinson, Deborah Cooper, Roy Ryan
Background vocals: Jocelyn Brown, Robin Clark, Gordon Grody, Bobby Douglas, Michelle Cobbs & Fonzi Thornton (courtesy Bruce Wallace mgt.) Phillip Ballou (courtesy Handshake records) Norma Jean Wright, Johnny Kemp, Debbie Cole, Leroy Burgess, Sara Geller, Kevin Robinson, Timmy Allan, Ethel Beatty
French horne: Brooks Tilldtson

String players: On the very best in you, everything and more and promise your love:

Gene Orloff (concertmaster) - Alfred Brown - Frederick Zlotkin - Jonathan Abramovitz - Harry Lookofsky, Joseph Malignaggi - Mitsue Takayama - Julien Barber - Harold Kohen - Gerald Tarack - Guy Lumia - Frederick Buldrini - Marilyn Wright

On sharing your love and you're my number 1:

Jeff Delinko - Sanford Allen - Kathleen Beaver - Kathryn Kienke - Diane Halprin - Harry Cykman - Guy Lumia - Ann Barak - Richard Henrickson - Richard Maximoff - Julien Barber - Ruth Demarco - Kermit Moore - Jessy Levy

Conducted by Mauro Malavasi, Davide Romani, Jacques Fred Petrus
Arranged by Mauro Malavasi - Davide Romani

Recorded at Media sound studios, New York

Engineered by Michael Barbiero
Assisted by Don Wershby, Harry Spiridakis, Andy Hoffman
*Remixd by Michael Brauer
Mastered at Sterling sound, Inc., New York
Engineered by Jack Skinner

Printed in USA on RFC records 1982